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My Journey to Become an Illustrator

Something that I find incredibly important to me is being able to wake up every day feeling excited to jump out of bed not knowing what marvellous things might happen today. This is the start of my journey to become a full time illustrator this year, in 2018!

I currently work in retail, which I have done since the age of 18 so I could buy pencils throughout Uni ,and it’s just not for me. Waking up every day and working in someone else’s dream doesn’t fill me with any satisfaction and it makes me sad. I want to be able to work at achieving my dream with every minute of the day.

This is reason one that I have started this blog, a kind of diary to document my journey and see where it could take me. I would also love for this blog to help other creative people out there that have a dream of their own and go on this little journey as a community rather than go it alone. Incredibly cheesy but it couldn’t be said any other way.

Reason two is so that you guys can get to know me and the person behind the art I make. Hi there! A quick introduction from me, I draw most days and create all the time, I dream about travelling and draw what I discover and love around me. I graduated from the University of Wolverhampton in 2016 with a degree in Illustration and have been figuring out a path ever since to create full time. What’s your story?

Writing this has been a long time coming – another one of those cheesy lines, you may read a few of those around here – but I hope you lovely creatives and dreamers want to stick around to get to know me better.

Keep the dream alive.

Stacy x

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