Hey! My name is Stacy Hammond and I am a Freelance Illustrator as well as an Artist and an all round creative based in the middle of the UK.

 I have a vast portfolio of experience in the field of illustration including many academic achievements, such as an A level in Art, an Art Diploma and an Illustration Degree, but most importantly many years of experience in the design sector working with a range of companies and other creatives.


I would describe my work as very traditional mixed with an unrefined finish around the edges. I work in mixed media; pro markers, coloured pencil, ink and also paint. Nothing is off limits with my work.
I love to draw everything, but if I could only choose one thing to draw for the rest of my life it would be portraits - capturing emotion and people's individual traits is super fun.


My food illustration and character designs are used in the packaging and restaurant industry all the way across the world. My portraits are commissioned by instagram influencers and online creatives. I have also worked in the wedding industry creating artwork to accompany a bridal fayre as well as bespoke wedding stationary.

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I always take care of my clients no matter the size of the project or whether you are private or commercial. I will always try to work around your budget and always create a job that you love! I am very passionate about sticking to deadlines and making the impossible happen. I live my life by this mantra:

"Everything in life has a solution, you've just got to find it" 

For commercial and private commissions please contact me directly at: