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How to get organised

I have always been super organised with everything I do - a bit of a perfectionist, you could say. Buying stationary at the start of the new school year was my favourite thing to do, as it was for most kids; a fresh pencil case, new sharpened pencils and felt tips that had plenty of ink for those drawings... nothing has changed!

NO. 1


Rather than a pencil case I use a wrap where you can put your pencils, pens and erasers, all in their own little compartments, nice and secure so you don’t break those lead pencils. Mine is from Derwent and I’ve had it ever since college (so about 6 years) and it’s still going strong. It’s super handy for popping in your handbag and using on those spontaneous drawing days. I also have the larger Derwent bag where I store all my lovely Pro-markers - all in colour order of course.

NO. 2


When I work at my desk ideas always pop in my head and if I don’t write them down I will definitely forget, so I jot them down in my notebook for later. I also get ideas when I’m out and about, so I also write ideas down in my phone because it’s a lot easier than fumbling around for a notebook and pen in my handbag.

NO. 3


As an adult something I always buy is a new diary. Last year I tried a Kate spade diary because it was massive and pretty so I thought this would encourage me to write in it every day. I was very wrong. So this year I didn’t really look at getting a large one... until I saw The Maker’s Yearbook.

It’s a diary that has a year’s review of the previous 12 months, and plans for the following year that you can fill out and cater to your unique creative business. At the start of each month there is a section to plan all aspects of your business, for example the money side of things and goals for the month. Then at the end of the month there are a few pages to review how that month went.

I bought the yearbook a week into January and have used it for two weeks now, writing in it every day and reviewing how everything went - this is something I never thought to do. This book has taught me to schedule time for myself and have personal goals alongside my business goals. This has kept me motivated and refreshed to achieve my goals each week. It has also taught me to look at each task I do and simplify it into bite size chunks that are easier to achieve and less stressful to approach.

Buying the book also means you are introduced to a community of like minded individuals that are experiencing similar situations to yourself, even if you don’t have the same business, the guidance and advice can be very helpful. Another benefit are the mini courses that creator Nicola Taylor offers with challenges that help with your business.

I couldn’t recommend this yearbook enough - when this post goes live there may only be a few left as it is February, but I would definitely get this for next year. And if you were wondering, this is definitely not a sponsored promotion.



For the whole of January I have been reading through 'Online Marketing for your Craft Business' by Hilary Pullen and it has been another helpful tool to keep me organised with everything to do with my marketing.

This isn't the only way to keep organised, but it has definitely helped me. How do you keep yourself organised? What books have motivated and organised you?

Stacy x

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