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My Engagement Story

Happy Valentine’s day weekend! To me, valentine’s day is a gimmicky way for the shops to make a bit of extra cash. However, I also think it's nice to have that one special day for an excuse to eat good food and spoil the person you love, whether that’s your other half, your family or your bestie. It doesn’t have to be just about couples! Since it's such a love filled day I thought it would be a great opportunity to share how my other half became my fiance! It was two years ago in September of 2016, it was our second day in Florida and our first day visiting my favourite place on Earth; the Magic Kingdom.


Today was the day I would no longer have a boyfriend, but instead I would be a Fiancee! Of course, I wasn’t aware of that when I woke up.

Jamie and I decided to get up nice and early to see the morning sun and Jamie had his first Florida Cigar. We were enjoying our moment when these three ladies came over and asked if we wanted breakfast, and in my head I was sure we were about to be sold something already and we’d only just woken up. To my surprise they gave us 4 tickets for a free breakfast at our hotel, which should have cost $30 each! What a way to start a holiday in Florida!

We decided that we would start our holiday in the Magic Kingdom which I found odd because we set out quite late in the day and it didn’t make much sense to go here because of how large it was. Anyway we got our bags checked in by the lovely American cast of Disney World and it started to pour it down, but if anyone has been to Disney World before then they will know a little bit of rain won’t stop the magic of Disney. They have a parade to cheer everyone up, all cast members dressed in wellies and yellow coats and hats like a classic Disney film. “…tell me how long will this rain last, the rain keep dropping there ain’t no stopping, tell me how long will this rain last…” now if this would happen in the UK people would always be happy.

So we saw the castle and the spot where we would have that all important picture moment to re-create the 2004 shot. It was raining so we thought better of it. I looked over at Jamie and he seemed very annoyed at my dad and I thought this was very odd but I didn’t question it. So we made our way over to see if we could go on a ride while we waited for the rain to end. We chose the boat ride and waited 50 minutes to get on it, which would have been fine if Jamie wasn’t in such a tense mood. I just couldn’t understand why anyone could have such a face in Disneyworld. With hindsight this all made perfect sense. The boat ride was really good and we saw all the animatronics of the wildlife in Africa.

Next up was the Pirates of the Caribbean, which was the ride that inspired all the films - me and Jamie had both been on this ride on previous trips and to see it as an adult it was astonishing as any of the rides in Disney are. When we got out the indoor ride and into the blazing sun again we caught the Princess parade.

The week before we flew to America I was joking with Jamie and his family that he should propose so we got lots of free things and could ride on the parade in Disney. I was of course only joking about it because I knew that Jamie really didn’t see the point of getting married. His mum already knew what he was going to do so had to laugh it all it and pretend like she didn’t know his plans. I was loving teasing Jamie this week because he took it more than usual, I teased most days and he didn’t snap which is what he would normally do. Again with hindsight this was another clue that I didn’t catch onto.

We walked up to the place where we would re-create the family photo and sat down with Dad and Jamie while Mum tried to take a picture. Mum isn’t the best with technology and doesn’t really know how to work an SLR camera, so when dad handed her the camera she didn't know how to use it, it didn't help that he had turned it off so she definitely didn’t know how to take the picture. This was of course part of the plan to give Jamie the ring literally behind my back. You’re probably wondering why Jamie didn’t carry it himself that day, well luckily he didn’t because I would definitely have found it when I went in his pocket for the map! So dad got up to help mum take the picture of just me and Jamie. Jamie always put his arm round me for pictures so I thought it was very strange when he didn’t for a Disney photo, so I put my arm around him and as soon as I did that he backed away and got on the floor. I was looking at the camera the whole time this was happening because everyone wanted their picture taken here so you had to be quick. I was thinking to myself "what are you doing, were trying to have a nice picture and you’re on the floor!" So when I look down there my boyfriend is holding the most beautiful diamond ring a girl could have and he asked those four words every little girl dreams of hearing, “ Will you marry me?” The most perfect moment in the most perfect setting and my reaction wasn’t no, and it wasn’t yes - it was “Really?” and then I said yes!

That’s the story of how my boyfriend proposed to me in Disney World.


P.s. If you want to hear my Fiance's side of the story head over to where he writes about the moment he decided to propose and how he chose the ring!

How did you propose/get proposed to? I would love to hear all your stories!

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