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Portrait Gallery 

Welcome to my portrait gallery of just a few of my favorite drawings I have done. 

Brother and Sister Duo

Back in 2016 I drew this little girl's brother who sadly passed away and it happened to be the first puppy I'd ever drawn. Two years later I was honored to draw his sister and now they are back together on the wall. 


Miss Lucy and Miss Poppy

For this commission I got to draw a puppy and a kitty with two very different characteristics. I have met this little puppy before and she is incredibly small and cute with an enormous personality. I absolutely loved capturing this kitty's facial expression also.


"Stacy is exceptionally talented. All of her work is first class I had two pet portraits done as gifts for family members and I was over the moon with them, so realistic and the attention to detail phenomenal! Would highly recommend" - Roxy

Mr Pablo's Portrait

I was especially keen to create this piece – not only because it was for my soon to be mother/father-in-law, but also because I have known this dog since he was just a few weeks old. As any pet owner (or parent, for that matter) will know, babies don’t stay babies forever; this is why I chose to draw Pablo as a puppy of just 8 weeks of age. By the time this portrait was gifted on Christmas day, Pablo was 6 months old; and not quite the puppy pictured! In all the ways he has grown and changed, the resemblance is still uncanny of that little ball of fur trying to find his feet on the patio.


“I have two of Stacy's pet portraits, of my cat and my dog, and they are so amazing! Everyone who visits my house admires them. The likeness is incredible, she really captured their personalities! I would recommend Stacy to anyone who wants a beautifully drawn original portrait.”
- Yvette Perkins

Claude's Portrait

This was a wonderful piece to work on; I always feel privileged to be chosen to draw a portrait of someone, be it person or pet, who has passed away. I try my hardest to encapsulate the true essence of the subject’s character and present it through my artwork – especially when, as in this case, the finished piece is intended as a gift.


Thank you to Miss Jones for allowing me to produce this beautiful portrait of Claude.

Family Portrait 

Feeling very honoured that Miss Jarrott chose me to create a portrait of her daughter, her nephew and her late mother as a gift for her family.


"Biggest dream of all would have been for my mom to meet my beautiful niece and nephew but now finally my mom gets to hold them"
- Brooke Jarrott

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